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Sherry Adams

Edmonton Public Schools Trustee

Ward I

“Sherry is a confident and competent individual and a strong advocate for children’s education”

-Mr. John Woitenko, Edmonton Public School Principal, (Retired)

"Sherry’s extraordinary efforts to assist needy families are well known and much appreciated within the community.”

Rosemary Secord, Edmonton Public School Counsellor (Retired)

“Sherry Adams is a person of integrity, purpose and vision”

Linda Rousell, Executive Director, Kids on Track Association of Edmonton

Sherry is “a standout candidate…when it comes to a focus on High educational standards”

David Staples, Edmonton Journal,, September 25, 2013


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Your Values, Your Voice

The Success of Every Child

In my first term as a Trustee, I have been a passionate advocate for the success and well-being of every child and young person in our public school district.  Every child matters and deserves every opportunity not only succeed, but to thrive!!  The bottom line in all decision making will always be, “what is best for our kids.”

Choice in Public Education

Edmonton Public Schools has a world-class reputation for providing high-quality learning experiences for our students. A major reason for this is the diversity of language and alternative programs that provide parents and children the best options for academic success and life preparation. Ward I is a very diverse community with many various needs. The 27 schools that I served, offered numerous alternate, language and special learning programs including, but not limited to: Chinese and French, Early learning and Early Education (now Pre-Kindergarten), Cogito, Sakinah Circle, Advanced Placement, Behaviour and Learning Assistance, Interactions, and Opportunity. Although we have 5 schools with the Cogito program, the popularity of the program calls for further expansion. We must continue to support and promote the initiation, continuation and expansion of our diverse programs which provide the choices that help our students succeed.

Increased Collaboration

And Professional Development

Because of the common Professional Development Days implemented during this last term, teachers and staff are benefiting from collaboration.  I witnessed principals, teachers, and staff coming together to exchange information, ideas, perspectives, professional expertise, resources and efforts.  The collaboration that took place within schools and between different schools not only promoted cohesion and unity, but the sense of excitement and creativity increased for all involved.  I will continue to promote collaboration in and across our district to further enrich professional skills and excellence of our teachers, staff and administration.


Our schools must recognize, support, and program for students facing a range of economic, social and psychological factors that may impact learning. While our schools work to do all they can to meet these needs, we cannot do it alone. That is why partnerships are an integral part of Edmonton Public Schools. Partnerships with parents are vital because parents carry the main responsibility and highest authority in a child’s life. The extended community also has an important role to play in student success.  I have had opportunity to begin to foster connections with community organizations willing to volunteer and/or provide for special needs within a school.  I believe I can continue to provide leadership in getting parents and community stakeholders involved in the vibrant life their local public school.

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The Role of a Trustee

My role as a trustee is to ensure a quality education for every student; reflect community values in the establishment of school board policies; stay in touch with school principals, school councils and community stakeholders to be aware of the successes and issues specific to individual schools and catchments; and to work with and lobby provincial and municipal governments in regard to operational, budget and capital needs.



The Continued Need for New Schools

In the past 10 years, Edmonton has 46 new neighbourhoods and 30,000 additional students.  A major concern is a high school for the Southeast.  The site for the new high school has been chosen, and the city has given assurance that the site` will be serviced in the coming year.  Servicing must take place before funding will be considered for this urgent need!  A new high School for the SE is a critical need that must be given top priority in the Board’s advocacy plan to the Alberta Government this year! Three new K-9 schools have been built in the Southeast, which has helped to alleviate the alarming pressure in the area south of the Henday.  We are grateful for these builds and must continue to press for new schools in our bursting population around the outer edges of our city.

Getting kids to school efficiently is a persistent concern in an expanding municipality. Most of our transportation issues have been resolved , but I still hear from many those who are looking for better solutions to transportation problems.  We need to continue to look for collaborative measures for more efficient transportation solutions for a growing population.   

Our Vulnerable Students

As a result of a pilot program which began in our Ward three years ago, many children with special needs were able to receive direct intervention to ready them for kindergarten, grade one and beyond. The pilot project proved a great success and was made into a district-wide program with a name change from Early Education to Pre-Kindergarten. This year we have 32 schools providing pre-kindergarten. Because the early learning intervention is so essential for success for kids, we must advocate for more funding to expand the Pre-K programming.

Graduation rates have improved for our First Nations, Metis and Inuit students over the last 4 years, however there is a long way to go. We must continue to find ways to close the academic achievement gap, but also seek the supports needed for a life of great dignity and fulfilment. There is continued need of supports for our Special Needs Students, our LGBTQ students, and the growing number of students suffering with mental health and addictive issues.  We must continue to help find the resources and supports that make a difference!


As we continue our mission to eliminate bullying, instilling the virtue of empathy will be essential.  “Empathy is the ability to understand and feel for another person’s concerns.  It is the powerful emotion which halts violent and cruel behaviour and urges us to treat others kindly.” *  Honourable character is necessary to prepare students to uphold the value of all persons regardless of our differences.  I will continue to pursue the elimination of bullying in our district schools, by promoting the teaching and demonstration of empathy and honour for one another.


Early Learning for Children

with Special Needs

1 Michelle Borba, The Seven Essentials of Moral Intelligence

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