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Sherry Adams

Nomination Candidate

United Conservative Party of Alberta


“Sherry is a confident and competent individual and a strong advocate for children’s education”

-Mr. John Woitenko, Edmonton Public School Principal, (Retired)

"Sherry’s extraordinary efforts to assist needy families are well known and much appreciated within the community.”

Rosemary Secord, Edmonton Public School Counsellor (Retired)

“Sherry Adams is a person of integrity, purpose and vision”

Linda Rousell, Executive Director, Kids on Track Association of Edmonton

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If you live in the Edmonton-Ellerslie riding, are a permanent resident of Canada and are 14 years of age, you can buy a United Conservative Party membership for $10 and vote for Sherry at the upcoming nomination meeting.

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Pollard Meadows and Crawford Plains (in Mill Woods)

Ellerslie, Charlesworth, Aurora, Walker, The Orchards, Laurel, Rural SE

and Summerside (east of 88 St)

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As a five-year Edmonton Public School trustee, I will continue to be a passionate advocate for the success and well-being of all of our students. The funding of our public system remains a priority, especially for a new high school in Southeast Edmonton.  I will also continue to support diversity of school choice for all  Alberta families.

Fiscal Responsibility

When the current NDP government came to power in 2015, Alberta had an accumulated debt of $11.9 billion.  In three short years, that figure has quadrupled to $45 billion and is forecasted to reach $71 billion by 2019-20. 1   That works out to $16,134 for every man, woman and child in Alberta (projected population in 2019). 2   A UCP government will certainly once again attract investment and be fiscally responsible providing a high-level of services without mortgaging our children’s future.

1 Globe and Mail, March 20, 2018.  Rachel Notley’s other big nemesis: Alberta’s debt by Gary Mason

2 Quarterly Population Report, First Quarter 2018. Open Alberta,

Conservative Values

Conservatism is based on principles of personal responsibility, transcendent values and an emphasis on individual conscience, liberty and accountability.  The Alberta Advantage came about not just because of an oil boom but because of a commitment to conservative values and entrepreneurial opportunity.   .  When it comes down to it, this next election is a choice between socialist ideology and conservative values.



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Special Concern for the Vulnerable

Everyone has intrinsic worth as persons made in the image of God. Not all people can advocate for themselves and are vulnerable to harsh realities in life and harmful social conventions.  We must help those who cannot help themselves, protect the vulnerable, provide for the homelss, find help for those with mental health and addiction issues and provide real opportunities for those who can make a positive contribution to society.

“Sherry is a woman of principled values who has stood, time and again, for what she believes is right”

-Garnett Genuis, Member of Parliament,

Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan

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